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CYBER SECURITY SOCIAL ENGINEER: Dr. Daria became a Social Engineer in Cyber Security. Her inquiry and training into this career came from being hacked sixteen times from identity theft to computer locking for ransom. As a practicing psychologist for several decades, the transition into cyber security was a natural progression in order to protect the confidential files of clients. Human Error, it turns out, accounts for over 85% of the loss of personal information and data security, no matter how advanced firewalls may be. The very characteristics that bind us together as a society, culture and civilization, hackers use against us.

As a professor, she teaches common sense strategies to individuals, groups and businesses. With special permission from the SANS Institute, materials developed by them for the military, government and corporations she shares with her audiences. In addition, she has spent a lifetime as a socially responsible serial entrepreneur, TV/Radio show host and CEO of a non-profit organization that is supportive of women and their issues. Through these enterprises, she discovered the imperative nature of securing confidential information both personal and professional.

In order to prevent the types of situations that happened to her, she teaches others prevention techniques as well as strategies for ‘after the fact’ because statistics show that anyone who has technology will inevitably be hacked at one time or another. As modern technology changes so rapidly and the data is too overwhelming for average individuals to keep up, it is imperative to understand the fundamentals of keeping personal and business data safe and secure from predators.

Last but not least, her personal life is rich with experiences through mothering her children.

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